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White Sun Cream


White Sun Cream (Dermagen) SPF 50+ / PA+++ Dermagen White Sun Cream formulated with glutathione, Centella Asiatica Extract, and mild ingredients to help reduce …


WonderTox 100 Unit


Considering economic feasibility, considering the efficacy! WonderTox has certified its efficacy and safety regarding improving wrinkles in the middle of the forehead. WonderTox has certified noninferiority compared to the controlled group in adults confirmed of moderate and serious level wrinkles in the middle of the forehead.


Yvoire Classic Plus


When dealing with finer wrinkles and volumizing more delicated areas of the skin of the face, it’s paramount to use a high quality soft filler with excellent flowability will naturally fill in even the tiniest depressions of the skin the most naturally looking way possible. Enter Yvoire Classic Plus – a high quality lidocaine containing filler from Korea, made by LG Chem, the medical arm of the tech giant.


Yvoire Contour Plus


Yvoire Contour is available in a 1 ml container for a precise application. This product is sold in a packaging with a CE label, proving its authenticity. It is supplied with various essential accessories. Yvoire Contour is used for facial treatments. It is effective thanks to its cross-linked HA particles. Its volumizing effect makes it easy to obtain visible results for a toned and radiant skin. The product provides visible results by reshaping the contour of the lips, cheek and temple.


Yvoire Volume Plus


Yvoire Volume Plus subtly corrects voluminous wrinkles on the face and skin. The product is supplied with a 1 ml syringe for a deep injection under the epidermal layer. This facial treatment contains 0.3% lidocaine. The volumising effect of this product matches the expectations of people who wish to regain the radiance of their skin. The dosage of the product explains its performance in contact with dermal tissues during treatment.

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