Skincare products made in South Korea.

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Acssak. Acne Clear


One of the best skincare product for acne prone skin from Dermagen, cosmetic brand includes skincare cream for post laser treatment, moisturizing cream and other cosmeceutical products.


Aurora Glow SUN BASE


Aurora Glow SUN BASE DERMALINE: VIOLET COLOR LINE SPF50+ / PA++++ The sun base helps cover the uneven and dull skin to create visibly …

B-TOX PEEL Professional


B-Tox Peel, can be named as Algae Peel or Invisible Needle Peel. By using Biological Technology, scientists use the natural ingredient and extract into Silitox Needles (Needle Sponge Extract). A very tiny micro needles size within 50-200um. After massage B-tox peel on the face, Silitox needles will penetrate into the skin layer to stimulate and regenerate the skin.

Bentpla Gel


A bruise is caused when a blood sinking into skin tissue from broken capillaries is coagulated under skin. Heparin, the main ingredient of this gel, loosens the coagulated blood by suppressing activity of Thrombokinase and Prothrombin in the blood. Bentpla is very useful as a household medicine because its other ingredients such as Aescin and Salicylic acid are effective for bug bite, contusion or swelling acting on analgesic or anti-inflammatory.



Cindelria Tone-up Cream


Dermagen Cindelria Tone-up Cream is a powerful skin whitening cream, formulated with Niacinamide and Adenosine that provides instant brightening effect. Enriched with Vitamin C,E and Bearberry Leaf Extract, this cream glows skin with youthful-looking vitality. Pure white skin the moment you apply it!



CURENEX Mask Pack CURENEX sheet mask contains a multi-peptide complex, PDRN, and Glutathione. This sheet mask promotes elasticity, brightening, and tightening of the skin. …


Deep Clean Moisture Foam


Deep Clean Moisture Foam DERMALINE: BASIC SOLUTION LINE Ultra-fine foam can thoroughly exfoliate skin and cleanse pores, and contains 6 natural extracts to keep …


Derma Solution PDRN Magic Ampoule


Derma Solution PDRN Magic Ampoule Anti-wrinkle / Moisturizing / Brightening / Soothing PDRN 8,600 ppm A rich-nutritious PDRN Magic Ample drastically reduces the appearance …

Egensia. Post Laser Cream


Egensia. Post Laser Cream (For Hospital Use) Egensia Cream will relax your sensitive skin. Egensia Cream will keep your dry and sensitive skin moisturized …

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