Hair Loss: Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Healthy individuals can lose about 50-100 strands on average per day. It’s a daily cycle necessary for the growth process within the body. However, there’s a problem if you see more strands getting lost and less coming back! It is a condition known as Hair loss or (Alopecia). It can affect all types and ages…

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PN and PDRN: Everything You Need To Know!

Skin rejuvenation is a concept everyone has heard of, but very few know about its treatment. There are many types of treatments and therapies for skin rejuvenation, but over the past year, a new treatment has gone viral. The popularity of this treatment can be seen in the fact that many celebrities have started to…

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Looking for the best Korean numbing cream?

You have probably experienced this, an overarching need to mitigate and reduce pain from muscle aches to period cramps or joint pain. People, simply put, are just afraid of pain, and while back in the day you would have to just suffer through it, now with the power of numbing creams, you don’t have to…

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Cosmetics regulations: FDA vs Korean KFDA (MFDS)

You might feel uneasy purchasing products that have not been approved by the globally recognized Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But rest assured, the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) thoroughly analyses the product to ensure adequate safety and quality for each product. Most consumers don’t know what quality checks cosmetics undergo to…

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