Replengen Ideology 200mg


Replengen Ideology is a filler based on polylactide for the elimination of wrinkles in the areas around lips, eyes, and forehead, restoration of volumes in the cheek area, face contouring as well as non-surgical correction of nose shape. Given filler is indicated for the subcutaneous introduction or administration to the upper dermal layer. The product is based on polylactide – a natural compound that regulates molecular pathways in cells and stimulates the synthesis of new collagen molecules. Thus, the filler injection results in both: filling of wrinkles as well as the re-organization of cell processes leading to the increase in elasticity and tension of the skin. The product has a homogeneous structure because of the perfect spherical shape of the particles in its composition that significantly simplifies the administration of the filler. All the components have a non-animal origin. The safety and low allergenicity of the product are proved in clinical trials.

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Replengen Ideology 200mg

Application Area

  • Facial Area


  • the product is aimed at stimulation of own collagenogenesis in human cells, ensuring the long-lasting effect from the procedures up to 24 months
  • the filler is synthesized with an application of ecologically pure materials of non-animal origin that show high biocompatibility
  • the product demonstrated absolute safety in clinical trials
  • the product texture represents a gel, based on the perfect spherical particles, that provides easy administration of the filler and its sustainable distribution under the skin

Main component/ingredients

  • PLA (Poly DL-Lactide) 77%, CMC 23%


  • correction of wrinkles on the forehead
  • non-invasive nose shape correction
  • restoration of volumes in the cheek area
  • correction of pronounced nasolabial folds
  • hips shape re-modeling
  • improvement of skin elasticity
  • correction of fine wrinkles in the areas around eyes and lips


  • 1 vial x 200 mg per pack


  • Reanzen Co., Ltd. South Korea



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