PLLA Power COL-TRA HA 365mg


Power Coltra is a product for lost skin and facial volume. Overall, great for people who lost elasticity and volume (for skin tightening, and wrinkles). The product stimulates collagen in the deep SMAS layer to naturally maintain face volume!





PLLA Power COL-TRA HA 365mg

Restore Natural Facial Volume with PLLA Power COL-TRA HA 365mg

Generally, are you looking for a solution to restore natural facial volume? The PLLA Power COL-TRA is your answer. This product contains PLLA (Poly L-Lactic Acid), a natural component that stimulates collagen in the deep SMAS layer to maintain facial volume.

Application area of Power Coltra:

  • Face


  • PLLA Power COL-TRA is a treatment. It’s made using only the best materials for facial volume restoration, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.
  • Secondly, product stimulates collagen production in the deep SMAS layer, giving you a fresh appearance.
  • Thirdly, the gradual increase in collagen production lasts for over two years, giving long results that other facial treatments simply can’t match.
  • Lastly, Power Coltra treatment process is quick and easy.


Firstly, PLLA is a biodegradable material, which means it’s naturally absorbed by the body over time without any adverse reactions or complications.

Moreover, PLLA Power COL-TRA is an exceptional treatment that effectively addresses various facial skin concerns, including tightening, wrinkle correction and volumazation.

Generally, as we age, our skin tends to lose elasticity, leading to sagging and wrinkles. PLLA Power COL-TRA effectively tightens loose skin by stimulating collagen production in the deep SMAS layer. This results in tighter and more young skin.

Furthermore, this treatment also corrects wrinkles by restoring volume to the face. The gradual increase in collagen production restores facial volume, creating a natural and youthful appearance.

Lastly, this is an effective solution for the face.

Main component/ingredients:

  • PLLA. (Poly L-Lactic Acid)


  • 365mg/vial


  • Stun Medical


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