J-cain cream 10,56% 500g


J-Cain Cream 10.56% is a topical pre-procedure anesthetic used to make an injection procedure painless. The human body’s response to pain involves pore narrowing and vasoconstriction, which hinders the penetration of a needle or a cannula into the skin during injection and most likely results in skin injury (bleeding, edema, and irritation). The use of the J-Cain Cream 10.56% allows avoiding the adverse consequences of injections due to the high content of lidocaine. The product is approved by the KFDA, it does not cause allergies or skin burning sensations. J-Cain has one of the strongest numbing effects among local anesthetics in the world market.



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J-Cain Cream 10,56% (500g)

Application area

  • Skin
    • Needle injection (bio-revitalization, mesotherapy, thread lifting)
    • Body Piercing
    • Tattooing and Laser Tattoo Removal
    • Waxing (all types)
    • Permanent Cosmetics
    • Minor Surgical Procedures
    • Laser hair removal


  • Anesthetizes the skin before syringe injection or surgical treatment.
  • Decreases male genital sensitivity.
  • Anesthetizes the skin infected by leg ulcer before cleansing or surgical operation.

Main component/ingredients

  • Lidocaine


  • Guaranteed numbing effect due to high lidocaine concentration
  • Convenient dosage (500 g): enough for a large number of applications


  • 500 g


  • KFDA


  • Inist Bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Weight 500 g

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