Insulin Syringe 1ml – 10EA


Insulin Syringe 1ml – 10EA



Insulin Syringe 1ml – 10EA

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Pyrogenic
  • EO gas sterilization
  • Latex free
  • Nearly pain free injection with comfort
  • Low dead space syringe and more accurate dosage
  • Clearly printed graduation line and bold marking
  • Polybag package and Blister package are available.
  • 5 year shelf life


  • 1ml/cc
  • 30G x 8mm (5/16″)
  • 0.30mm (30G) x 8mm
  1. Make sure that package and contents are intact and check the expiration date.
  2. To expose plunger, twist back cap to break seal, then pull off.
  3. To expose needle, twist needle cap to break seal, then pull straight off, being careful not to bend needle.
  4. To measure correct dosage, align the edge of the black plunger tip with dosage mark on the syringe scale.
  5. Use once only. To prevent misuse after self-injection, destroy syringe needle and contain syringe.
  6. Do not recap or clip someone else’s syringe needle. As soon as possible place the used syringe, intact, in a safe container.
  7. Reuse can cause death from AIDS and other infections.
  1. For single use only. Do not reuse.
  2. Do not use if package or product has been damaged or contaminated.
  3. Do not use if the expiration date has passed.
  4. Do not use if the needle looks damaged or bent.
  5. Do not touch the needle or let it touch any surfaces.
  6. Do not store at extreme temperature and humidity. Avoid direct sunlight.
  7. Keep away from getting wet.

※ This product is a medical device. Please carefully read the instruction for use, warning, caution and then use it.



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