DR.NL Vitamin C 14% Serum


DR. NL is a cosmetic-beauty brand known for its superior quality, combining the cutting-edge Korean cosmetics with Dr. Nikolaus Linde’s beauty philosophy based on rigor of Switzerland to ensure its exceptional effectiveness and skin health.

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DR. NL Vitamin C 14% Serum

Product Description

  • It is made with a special recipe and provides elasticity and glow to the skin.


  • Anti-oxidant cocktail

Vitamin C ingredients are surrounded by antioxidant cocktail that has been specially selected after many years of research and development. It can protect pure vitamin C from oxidative attacks due to dissolved oxygen in water and oxygen exposure. The components help pure vitamin C to remain stabilized without oxidation.

  • Bio-Polymer

Bio-Polymer and mutual interaction of vitamin C protect vitamin C, Bio-Polymer with excellent binding power combines Bio-Polymer and Pure Vitamin C to prevent Vitamin C from decomposing. Bio-Polymer helps Vitamin C to stabilize and stay alive without discoloration. Pio-Polymer without binding power When pure vitamin C And Bio-Polymer with weak binding force meet, they don’t combine with each other. In consequence, Pure vitamin C is rapidly oxidized. Pure vitamin C loses its function as product when the color changes to dark brown and the scent changes.

  • Strong antioxidant to prevent skin aging reduces pigmentation, freckles and blemishes.
  • Helps collagenesis and maintain collagen to form elastic skin.


  • 20ml

Main ingredients

  • Pure Vitamin C, EGF, Coenzyme Q10


  • CPNP, Hypoallergenic test


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