Dr.NL EGF Bio-Cell Mask (5EA)


DR. NL Ceramide 4% Cream is formulated based on the research of skin composition and principles to be the most effective for skin health. Containing high content of ceramide(4%) along with blend of soothing ingredients help in moisturizing and protecting skin lipids from harmful environmental factors.

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DR. NL EGF Bio-Cell Mask (5 masks in 1 pack)

Product description

  • It is sterilized and takes care of sensitive skin safely.


  • In recent years, the number of case for sensitive skin seems to increase due to environmental factors such as fine dust.
  • Consquently, consumers have become more savvy about the ingredients of cosmetics to prevent their skin from
    becoming sensitive.
  • It is a competitive product with mild ingredients that can help to get better and brighter complexion.
  • As a preservative-free and sterile mask, it is a non-bacterial that can be storaged for a longer period of time without any
    deformation or going stale.


  •  20ml

Main ingredients

  • EGF, Adenosine.


  • CPNP, Hypoallergenic test


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