Curenex Rejuvenating Mask


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CURENEX sheet mask contains a multi-peptide complex, PDRN, and Glutathione.
This sheet mask promotes elasticity, brightening, and tightening of the skin.
These sheet masks are especially beneficial during post-treatment skincare.
It will transform dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone, resulting in an intense glow and baby-smooth texture.

How To Use:
1. Cleanse or wash your face.
2. Take the mask out of the pouch and adhere it to your face. Adjust the mouth, nose, and eye openings to fit.
3. Relax for 10-20 minutes and remove the mask and gently pat in the remaining essence until fully absorbed.


✔ To improve uneven skin tone.
✔ Lack of moisturizing on your skin.
✔ To provide nourishment and hydration.
✔ Before make-up
✔ To soothe damaged skin cells during post-treatment skincare.

※ Caution
CelestaPro does NOT take any responsibility for medical troubles and problems during cosmetic procedures.

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