B-TOX PEEL Professional


B-Tox Peel, can be named as Algae Peel or Invisible Needle Peel. By using Biological Technology, scientists use the natural ingredient and extract into Silitox Needles (Needle Sponge Extract). A very tiny micro needles size within 50-200um. After massage B-tox peel on the face, Silitox needles will penetrate into the skin layer to stimulate and regenerate the skin.

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B-TOX PEEL Professional

B-TOX PEEL Professional: Revitalize Your Skin Naturally – Targeted Solution for Various Skin Concerns

Application Area 

  • Oily Acne Skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Aging Skin


  • Silitox stimulates the circulation and cell regeneration.  It boost up the skin collagen level and elastin of the skin.  Smooth the wrinkles and soften the skin.
  • Silitox removes dead skin and leaves the skin radiant one and healthy skin.  Prevents blemish, age spots and removes keratosis.
  • Silitox removes and detox the epidermal layer of skin.  Soothes inflammation and minimize the skin pore.  Reduce the bacteria for acne infection.

Main component/ingredients

  • Silitox TM is patented ingredient that made of the extract from Benthos (Type of Coral).
  • By using nano-technology,  scientists  form the extracts into micro  needles.  These Silitox TM needles are 100% natural and contains very rich minerals.  Unlike other peel products, it does not contain acid or medicinal herbs


  • The procedure is that you rub mixture of this powder and ampoule on the skin and penetrate them on the skin.

(To avoid prickliness, you can apply Anesta (anesthetic cream) when you rub it on your customers skin)

  • These mineral rich Silitox penetrates into the dermis and the epidermal layer of the skin and for 48 hours continuously stimulates blood circulation. By promoting the epidermal cell, it not only allows thickened scaly skin layer, but helps eliminate dead skin  and keratin that were built up in the pores and epidermis. It also helps accelerate cell regenerative cycles
  • 100% Natural Ingredients with rich mineral
  • Smallest damage on epidermis layer of skin. Silitox will be absorbed by the skin.
  • No Chemical, No Acid, No Medical Herb Allergy
  • After treatment, does not affect to daily life.


  • 12 bottles
  • Powder 1g x 6
  • Solution 10ml x 6


  • Mesopharm



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