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Cutegel Hydro 2.0 (10 pre-filed syringe)


Cutegel Hydro 2.0 is the ultimate solution for anyone struggling with wrinkles on their face, neck, or hands. This product has been designed to smooth friable skin, improve wrinkles due to dehydration, brighten the darkened face, keep moisture without additional lotion application, and naturally regain elasticity.

Cutegel Hydro 2.0 (3 pre-filed syringe)


Experience the power of Cutegel in transforming your skin. This revolutionary dermal filler is specially designed to smooth and nourish friable skin, leaving it silky and velvety to the touch. Say goodbye to roughness and hello to a renewed, smooth complexion.


Etrebelle 200mg


Etrebelle 200mg


PLA + HA Hybrid Filler. Firstly, Etrebelle is a collagen stimulator made with biodegradable PLA (Poly D, L-lactide) microparticles and Hyaluronic acid. Soft tissue injectable implant. Secondly. HYBRID FILLER OF PLA (POLY LACTIC ACID), MICROPARTICLES AND HA (SODIUM HYALURONATE).


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