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5-Pin Needle Cartridge, EZ Injector


Discover flawless beauty effortlessly with the 5-Pin Needle Cartridge, crafted for the EZ Injector. Experience precision skincare and targeted treatments, addressing various skin concerns with professional-grade performance. Elevate your beauty routine with this luxury skincare solution for radiant, confidence-boosting results.

9-Pin Needle Cartridge, EZ Injector


Experience flawless, youthful skin with our 9-Pin Needle Cartridge – EZ Injector. Enhance your skincare routine and achieve transformative results with this safe and hygienic design. Discover the power of precision and radiant complexion with every treatment. Get yours now and embark on a journey to a more confident, revitalized you!

Cutegel Hydro 2.0 (10 pre-filed syringe)


Cutegel Hydro 2.0 is the ultimate solution for anyone struggling with wrinkles on their face, neck, or hands. This product has been designed to smooth friable skin, improve wrinkles due to dehydration, brighten the darkened face, keep moisture without additional lotion application, and naturally regain elasticity.

Cutegel Hydro 2.0 (3 pre-filed syringe)


Experience the power of Cutegel in transforming your skin. This revolutionary dermal filler is specially designed to smooth and nourish friable skin, leaving it silky and velvety to the touch. Say goodbye to roughness and hello to a renewed, smooth complexion.



Unlock the Skin Regeneration Power of Dermaline Exo PDRN Solution Salmon Ampoule with PDRN and CICA-EXOSOME. Experience a radiant transformation today. Try it now – 35ml/1.18fl.oz.


Dermaline PDRN Solution Salmon Ampoule


Experience the power of PDRN Solution Salmon Ampoule. Regenerate your skin with Sodium DNA and Centella Asiatica. Brighten your complexion with Niacinamide. Protect against external stressors with a stronger skin barrier. Try it now – 35ml/1.18fl.oz.




Dr. Pen Ultima A1 (wireless)


Dr.Pen Ultima A1 Professional Electric Skin Care Tools. If you’ve tried all the cosmetics and creams in the world yet are still looking for a more effective way. Dr. Pen Ultima A1 is your best assistant, which will leave you feeling and looking better. It’s safe to share the host with other persons. Also, it’s economical, you just need to replace the cartridges after every use. All cartridges are disposable with sealed packaging. Dr. Pen Ultima A1 is safe, and convenient.

Dr.pen A9-W


Dr Pen A9-W is the newest release auto device. Discover the power of Dr Pen , the ultimate microneedling pen for personalized treatments. With a range of needle types, wireless or wired convenience, and customizable speed control, A9-W offers enhanced efficiency and safety. 


Etrebelle 200mg


Etrebelle 200mg


PLA + HA Hybrid Filler. Firstly, Etrebelle is a collagen stimulator made with biodegradable PLA (Poly D, L-lactide) microparticles and Hyaluronic acid. Soft tissue injectable implant. Secondly. HYBRID FILLER OF PLA (POLY LACTIC ACID), MICROPARTICLES AND HA (SODIUM HYALURONATE).


Miracle H (1 vial)


Miracle H is used for mesotherapy procedures to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin in the face, décolleté, backs of hands. Infusions are made with NanoMeso needling into the surface layer of the skin. Infusions into more profound deep dermal layers to enact rich fibroblasts are conceivable too.

Neo Centrifuge PRP


Centrifuge for all PRP and Stem Cell Preparation. Experience unmatched speed and precision with the Neo Centrifuge PRP – the ultimate centrifuge for PRP and stem cell preparation. With a maximum speed of 4,000rpm and customizable time controls, get rapid and efficient results every time.



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